Zwaiz Ice Cream

Here’s the thing, when a guy like Zwaiz comes up to you with an awesome story, you gotta tell it right.

My story starts with a bowl of cereal and milk. What malady of the soul couldn’t be cured by the magical concoction of crispy cereal drowned with creamy milk? Hot or cold, the fact that this is the comfort food is undebatable.
My love for cereal and milk started at an early age. Ever since I was around five and able to reach the cereal and milk on my own in the kitchen, I savored every second of my cereal breakfast.
This love affair only intensified in my adulthood. While in New York on vacation, I tried something that further took my love for cereal to a new level; milk and cereal ice cream. I wouldn’t be kidding if I told you that I walked out of that place a changed man.
I wanted to bring this to Kuwait. I wanted everyone to taste this and to be able to enjoy it. The creamy sweet and crunchy taste, reminiscent of childhood memories transform me personally to an age where I thought everything was possible: a towel around my neck can be my cape and I’m a superhero. I wanted to give everybody this experience.
So I founded Zwaiz. I experimented with recipes until I reached the perfect one. I don’t skimp on ingredients; this ice-cream is something very personal to me. I use the best ingredients I can find. I don’t make big quantities; you can’t pick up the phone and order two pints for tonight. You’re gonna have to check and see what’s available in my kitchen.
Enjoy the ice cream, and come talk to me. Tell me all about it. I love to hear your opinion.